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Our Mission

Inspiring the preservation of cultural and original music of Belize, sharing it with the world, and embracing international opportunities for growth.

Formed in 2010 and was established on February 14, 2011, by Paul and his wife Karissa.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Meet The Engineer

Osmond Paul Alvarez, better known as Paul, was born in Punta Gorda Town, Belize, Central America on April 18, 1983. He realized at an early age his special talents and love for playing music, particularly the keyboards and drums.

He has been a part of numerous bands, including, R1pple Effect, Exodus, The Heavenlies Gospel Band, Center Stage, Omolewa Osain, The Playaz Band, Pantempters Steel Orchestra, and the World Culture Band.

He is married to Karissa Alvarez and they have a daughter, Jaeda.

They own and co-manage their recording studio, Studio A, where he engineers and produces albums, singles, advertisements, etc. He does Live Sound Engineering and has worked for local and international artists like Tanya Carter, Sam Harris, Denise Castillo, Mervin Budram, David Obi Sr., Frankie Reneau,  Nicole C. Mullen, Calypso Rose, The Manhattans, Papa San, Emran Henry, Monty G, Cheville Franklin, Tony Rebel, Dwayne Stevenson and Sherwin Gardener and many more.

He also works with Mr. Elsworth Castillo, owner of Excalibur Sound & Equipment, as the Lead Engineer for live shows. He previously worked for 16 years at Belize Music (formerly Ludwig Productions) and engineered hit songs like “I Am Belize.”

Paul has traveled internationally representing his country in Taiwan, Mexico, and the USA playing at concerts, and continues to strive for excellence to enhance the music industry for our country.







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